How much does the weekend cost to attend?

The standard cost to attend the retreat is $125.00, which covers the expenses of the retreat including lodging, meals and supplies. This entire amount goes toward the weekend. We are a non-profit organization and all team members are volunteers who also pay a fee to be on the weekend.

An electronic application and retreat fee payment is to be completed in full. No retreat fee refunds are allowed due to applicant cancellation.

Who can attend the weekend?
TEC is for anyone: adults, young adults, and youth that are at least in their junior year of high school.

Can I attend if I’m not Catholic?
Yes, however this is a Catholic sponsored program and oriented to Catholic teaching. We welcome anybody of any denomination.

Do I have to stay the entire weekend?
Yes, without experiencing the weekend from beginning to end you will miss out on what TEC offers you.

How can I contact my son or daughter in case of emergency?
We will provide you with an emergency phone number to call in case of emergencies.