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The TEC of Central Texas community is made up of all those who have made a Together Encounter Christ retreat. As a faith community, TEC of Central Texas is part of the larger church community of the Diocese of Austin and is affiliated with the Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Office.

The Leadership Council serves TEC of Central Texas by facilitating meaningful Catholic faith community centered on the Paschal Mystery. The Leadership Council includes five Ministry Teams: Retreat Ministry, Spiritual/Community Ministry, Music Ministry, Outreach Ministry and Community Communications Teams.

The Leadership Council is the decision-making body for TEC of Central Texas and consists of the following:

  1. The Spiritual Director, a priest who serves as the spiritual leader and primary sacramental minister.
  2. The Assistant Spiritual Director, ideally a priest, deacon, or religious who assists the Spiritual Director in his service, including representing him when so delegated.
  3. Two Lay Facilitators, the primary leaders in management and facilitation of all aspects of TEC Central Texas
  4. The Liaisons of each of the five Ministry Teams.
  5. The Director of the Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Office of the Diocese of Austin.

The Leadership Council makes decisions by consensus, with decision by majority vote conducted only when necessary. The Lay Facilitators are empowered to make certain decisions on behalf of the Leadership Council.

Ministry Team members serve a two-year term with possibility of multiple renewals. Ministry Team Liaisons serve a two-year term with possibility of one consecutive renewal. Ministry Team Liaisons facilitate communication between their team and the Leadership Council, and serve as leaders, facilitators, and ministers of hospitality and service.
Lay Facilitators serve a two-year term, with possibility of one consecutive renewal.

Review the following TEC Leadership Council Application and after prayerful discernment, complete the following form and submit by email.

Central TX TEC Leadership Council Application (Organizational Leadership Positions)

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