“When young people make a TEC retreat, many are moved for the first time in their life to a faith that takes root in the heart. The faith moves from some form of intellectual exercise to a more passionate belief in the heart. On a TEC weekend, the candidates come to know the risen Lord in the context of a loving community. This lived encounter often becomes the impetus for a longing to be in a more intimate relationship with the Lord.” ~ Fr. Bernie Entienne, Director of Vocations, Evansville, Ind.

“TEC has changed my life. It has been a source of spiritual enrichment and love by helping me live the Paschal Mystery in my life. Our diocese has had TEC for 25 years and it has changed thousands of lives in Nebraska!” ~ Kevin Fuller, Former Director of the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Grand Island, Neb.

“Springfield is a rural Diocese and two TEC Centers help young people connect with the larger Catholic Church where parish activities may be difficult to sustain. I’ve seen teens head off to college deeper in their faith thanks to TEC.” ~ Kyle Holtgrave, Associate Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Springfield, Ill.

“TEC has given us the opportunity to be active participants in the saving of souls, by bringing us closer to God and instilling in us the strength to be soldiers for Christ. As young adult ministers, we are able to rekindle the lessons taught through TEC to our group members and watch them grow and flourish in their faith. TEC brings to life what is often at slumber within us, the fire of the Holy Spirit. We have both been set ablaze since our TECs and we have seen the trail set before us, as more and more young adults come out of TEC with a new desire to not only follow God, but completely die to self and make His will, theirs. Praise God for TEC!” ~ Rosemary Deiner & Eric Mauro, Our Lady of Lourdes – Young Adult Ministry H.O.P.E., Diocese of Palm Beach, Fla.

“TEC is the best process for presenting the Paschal Mystery to youth and young adults. Of course this is the core message of our faith, and I believe TEC is the best way for us to bring that message to our young people. From what I’ve seen, it has produced a lot of wonderful vocations to the religious life and for married couples who have taken that faith with them and brought it into their families.” ~ Deacon Denny Baker, Youth Minister at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit, Diocese of Springfield, Ill.